Club Championships

Men's Divisions Women's Divisions Mixed Divisions
A Singles A Singles A Doubles
B Singles B Singles B Doubles
C Singles C Singles C Doubles
45 Singles 45 Singles 45 Doubles
50 Singles 50 Singles 60 Doubles
60 Singles 55 Singles  
60 B Singles 65 Singles  
70 Singles A Doubles  
75 Singles B Doubles  
A Doubles C Doubles  
B Doubles 45 Doubles  
C Doubles 50 Doubles  
45 Doubles 55 Doubles  
50 Doubles 65 Doubles  
60 Doubles    
70 Doubles    
75 Doubles    

Club Championships - A Longwood Tradition

2015 Tournament Information

Club championships are offered to all Longwood members for an opportunity to compete against fellow members in a competitive and social environment. We encourage all members to play and test their tennis skills while having an opportunity  to meet and socialize with old and new members alike.

Tournament policies and guidelines have been established to provide for the fairest playing conditions and to enhance the pleasure of participating in the tournaments. Please read through this information and be aware of your responsibilities, dates, rules and commitments concerning play in the 2015 Longwood Club Championships.

2015 Tournaments will be played as follows

All tournaments singles and doubles will be played over time.

  • All Open  (A, B, C) tournaments will be played on grass
  • All Age Group tournaments will be played on clay 


2014 Champion/s

2014 Finalist/s

Men’s 45 Doubles

Mark Brudniak/John Flately

Stan Mescon/Jason O’Connell

Men’s 45 Singles

Mark Goodman

Ned Eames

Men’s 60 B Singles

Louis Bailey

Paul Hennessy

Men’s 60 C Singles

Lenny Rappaport

Virgil Aiello

Men’s 60 Doubles

Stan Mescon/Fred King

George Deptula/Dean Bauer

Men’s 60 Singles

Stan Mescon

Fred King

Men’s 70 Singles

Bill Ten Eick

Louis Bailey

Men’s 75 Singles

Dick Mount

Alex Bernhard

Men’s A Doubles

Todd Meringoff/Adam Valkin

Karl Gregor/Tim Kofol

Men’s A Singles

Todd Meringoff

Tim Kofol

Men’s B Singles

Chris Stevens 

Jeff Sobell

Men’s C Doubles

Bob Donahue/Paul Hennessy

Harsha Gopal/Bob Stolzberg

Men’s C Singles

Dan Farb

Ed Eggert

Men's 50 Singles

John Flatley

Ned Eames

Men's B Doubles



Mixed 45 Doubles



Mixed A Doubles

Alex White/Victoria Aiello

Alex Chen/Karen O’Sullivan

Mixed B Doubles



Mixed C Doubles



Women’s 45 Doubles

Sue Bushman/Molly Hahn


Women’s 45 Singles

Pam Wolf 

Vicky McEvoy

Women’s 50 Singles

Pam Wolf

Vicky Hibbard

Women’s 55 Doubles

McEvoy/ McMillan


Women’s 55 Singles

Maggie McMillan

Kathleen Lawler

Women’s A Doubles

Karen O’Sullivan/ Meggie Patterson

Katie Pasciucco/Yvette Kruger

Women’s A Singles

Meggie Patterson

Yvette Kruger

Women’s C Doubles

Kim Ozaki/Nathalie Tabor

Toni Oberholzer/Pam DiPiro

Women's B Doubles

Liz Herbert/Irene Graham

Beth Barrett/Megan Goldsmith

Women's B Singles

Megan Goldsmith

Liz O'Connell

Women's C Singles

Stacey Dogan

Janet Nahirny