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A Longwood Tradition

The Longwood Club Championships are an important and unique part of the Club's history and tradition. What other club has over 30 different divisions to play in and includes over 500 competitors? It's a great way for Longwood members to compete and to connect with other members at the same time.

Club championship tournaments are offered to all Longwood members for an opportunity to compete against fellow members in a competitive and social environment. We encourage all members to participate to both test their tennis skills and meet and socialize with other members.

The mission of the Championships is to provide an opportunity for Longwood members to compete while promoting an enjoyable atmosphere of sportsmanship, fairness and camaraderie. 

The Longwood Tournament Committee is made up of three groups. Those groups include the three tennis committee chairs, the tennis professional staff and the management staff. They have spent time this off season taking a close look at the tournament program, what works and what doesn't and how it can be improved for overall member enjoyment and effective management.   

Exciting New Additions to the 2019 Championships

  • Web-site registration, draws and results posted online.
  • A three-weekend play in period for first round matches which will help to eliminate delays in later rounds (play in periods)
  • Tournaments will start one week earlier.
  • Pre-determined Championship Weekend schedule. The Finals schedule for the weekend may be subject to change but will give players and spectators an idea of what to plan on.
  • Championship Weekend tennis party to follow Sunday finals.

Championships Program Important Dates 

Monday, April 22, 2019 On line registration opens
Sunday, May 26, 2019 Tournament registration closes
Monday, June 3, 2019 Draws and deadlines posted at club and on line
Saturday, June 16, 2019 First round play in days
Saturday, June 23, 2019 First round play in days
Saturday, June 30, 2019 First round play in days
Wednesday, July3 or 10, 2019 Deadine for all first round matches to be completed
Friday, September 6, 2019 Championship Weekend
Saturday, September 7, 2019 Championship Weekend
Sunday, September 8, 2019 Championship Weekend
Dates for matches after first round will be individually posted determined buy draw size.

2019 Tournaments will be played as follows:
  • All tournaments singles and doubles will be played over time.
  • All Open  (A, B, C) and 50's tournaments will be played on grass
  • All Age Group tournaments will be played on clay

Expectations of Players

By registering to compete in the Longwood Cricket Club Championships, it is your commitment:
  • To read, understand and play by the rules of the Championships.
  • To adhere to the established play by dates and make every effort to be available to play even when it may be inconvenient.
  • To be available to play finals on Championship Weekend - September 6-8 

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All tournaments will be managed by Larry and Magnus (tournament managers) daily. When necessary, tournament decisions will be made by the tournament committee which is made up of the tennis committee chairs, tennis professionals and club management.
  2. All matches are governed by the USTA RULES of Play "A Friend at Court". There is a copy of this at the front desk, in the pro shop and at the tournament draw area. This addresses all areas of play including arriving late, injuries, scoring, etc. Please see the section on Tournament FAQ's located at the end of the Championships information for specific situations.
  3. Player's may enter any number of tournaments on line. Keep in mind when you are playing in more than one division, you are responsible for all match deadlines.
  4. All tournaments are open to full members over 21 years of age. A player of any age, under, a full membership, may play in the "A" division. Inactive members are not eligible to play.
  5. The highest-level player on a doubles team will determine the division the team plays in.
  6. At the end of the registration period, draws will be posted on line and in the Longwood clubhouse.
  7. All draws will have the established deadline for match completion noted. All players are expected to know this date and have matches completed by this time.
  8. If one player is less available than the other, in fairness, they should allow their opponent to move on in the draw.
  9. If a grass court match is rained out and clay is available AND you can't establish another date before the deadline, you should play on clay. If you are playing on clay and it gets darka lighted court is available, play on the lighted court.
  10. If both players cannot establish a play date before the deadline, a coin toss will be made to see who moves on in the draw.
  11. It is the match winner's responsibility to record the score of the match within 24 hours which can be done on line.

Tournament Tips

  • Know the rules.
  • If you know your availability is limited to ONLY weekends, weekdays, early mornings, you should be prepared to withdraw if your limits make it hard to schedule a match.
  • Arrange your match as soon as draws are posted AND after winning your first match arrange the next one.
  • Always establish a rain date.
  • Keep in mind what time it gets dark when scheduling your match.
  • When you are having any issues that are not getting resolved, contact the tournament managers, Larry or Magnus.


The intention of the Longwood Cricket Club Championships rules is to encourage play; Including competition, sportsmanship and fairness. While the rules are relatively simple, many situations can arise that might not be covered specifically. In this FAQ section, some of these situations are highlighted and it can help players understand the spirit in which they are resolved. 
  1. My opponent doesn't seem to have much availability over the course of the play period. What should I do?
    1. First, always start right away with scheduling your match. The responsibility is on all players to communicate and it should never be a one-way conversation. 
    2. If you feel you are not getting a timely response, email tournament managers (Larry and Magnus) to let them know. Don't wait until the end of the play by period so it can be resolved beforehand. 
  2. My opponent and I had a date to play and they called to say they can't make it. What should I do?
    1. By USTA rules, which we play by, once a match time is agreed upon, it is set... but see B and C below.
    2. Because play is encouraged, if it is 24 hours in advance it is expected you try and come up with an alternate date. If you had set up a rain date, use that. If a new date can't be set, the player who was available will not be penalized.
    3. If it is less than 24 hours, try and find a new date but if that is not possible the player who can play at the original time will not be penalized.
    4. A no show is always a default.
  3. My opponent injures/overheats during a match, what should happen?
    1. By USTA rules, which we play by, your opponent has 15 minutes (THIS NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED) to determine if they can continue. If they can then proceed If they can't, unfortunately it is considered an injury retirement and you win the match.
    2. If it is in advance of the match, see #2 above.
  4. If I think I might reach the finals of my division and I know I won't be able to play on Championship Weekend, can I still play?
    1. Yes, you can, but if you reach the semi-finals, you should honorably default and let your opponent advance to the finals.
    2. There is a pre-set match schedule for Championship Weekend that may be changed in certain circumstances that would be determined by the tournament managers. All players are expected to be available for play on Championship Weekend.
    3. An injury prior to Championship Weekend is the only reason for not playing. This will be considered on an individual basis.
  5. I signed up for a doubles tournament, but my partner is injured, can I still play?
    1. Yes, if no matches have been played in your division and it doesn't affect the seeding.
    2. No, if a match in the division has been played.
  6. I forgot to sign up for the tournaments and would like to play but the deadline has passed for registration, can I still get it?
    1. No, the tournament information has been communicated numerous times with the deadline for registration clearly noted. Late entries cause an unfair situation for all players who have registered on time.
  7. My opponent and I have made every effort to set a date to play. We have agreed to play but it's two days before the play by date... What happens if it rains?
    1. First, this is tough since neither of you appear to have much availability. The responsibility is on you both to get it played. Try and set a rain date ahead of time. Under certain circumstances, we may grant an extension of up to 48 hours, but in no case will an extension hold up a following round.
  8. I would like to play in the club championships but aren't sure how to do that.
    1. You can register on line for any events you would like to play in. Just remember that if you play in more than one event, you are responsible for all applicable match deadlines. 
  9. My opponent and I started our match and we got rained out/ it got too dark to play, what should we do?
    1. The idea is to play. SO, if there are courts that will open in a reasonable amount of time then wait for them to open... An hour would be appropriate. If courts out for the day, set a rain date within the play by date period. If that can't be done, in some instances, a 48-hour extension may be given.
    2. Communicate this to the tournament managers, Larry and Magnus.
  10. My opponent and I have tried but can't set a time to play our match within the play by date, what happens now?
    1. Unfortunately, this does happen! There is a two-part answer. 1. If one player has been much less available, they should offer an honorable withdrawal and let the other player move on in the draw. 2. If both have been equally unavailable, then there will be a coin toss by the tournament managers, Larry and Magnus to determine who moves forward.
    2. Keep in touch with the tournament managers as this situation progresses.
  11. Who monitors the tournaments?
    1. Larry and Magnus (tournament managers) do this daily. 
    2. When necessary, they will consult with the Tournament Committee (tennis committee chairs and club management).  
  12. Can I play in more than one division?
    1. Yes, but you are responsible, along with your opponents for all match deadlines.
  13. I know there is a new 3 weekend play in schedule for the first-round matches, I may not be able to play on those scheduled weekends, can I still play?
    1. Yes, the three-weekend play in dates are designed to incentivize players to get first round matches played to eliminate future delays and to kick-off the tournament season with an exciting start. There will still be time on either side of these weekends to get first round matches in that can't be played on the weekends.
  14. My opponent and I had to stop because of rain, we are playing tomorrow, what happens?
    1. You continue the match just where you stopped. Same score, sides and server.
  15. I had a match set at 5 p.m. and my opponent showed up 20 minutes late, what should I have done?
    1. This is tough! By USTA rules, they have 15 minutes (Need to confirm this) before they are defaulted...BUT in the spirit of playing, if your opponent called and they were legitimately stuck in traffic... etc., and you can wait, then play. There is a reasonable time that may be different for everyone.
    2. Sad to say and nobody wants it, but if there is no call then a no show, wait 15 minutes and consider it a default.
Good Luck to Everyone and Have a Great Tournament Season!

2019 Championship Draws