A Longwood Tradition

Club championship tournaments are offered to all Longwood members for an opportunity to compete against fellow members in a competitive and social environment. We encourage all members to participate to both test their tennis skills and meet and socialize with other members.
Tournament policies and guidelines have been established to provide for the fairest playing conditions and to enhance the pleasure of participating in the tournaments. Please read through this information and be aware of your responsibilities, dates, rules and commitments.

2018 Tournaments will be played as follows:

  • All tournaments singles and doubles will be played over time.

  • All Open  (A, B, C, and 50's) tournaments will be played on grass

  • All Age Group tournaments will be played on clay

2018 Championships Draws




Women's A Singles

Men's A Singles

Mixed A Doubles

Women's B Singles

Men's B Singles

Mixed B Doubles

Women's C Singles

Men's C Singles

Mixed C Doubles

Women's 45 Singles

Men's 45 Singles

Mixed 45 Doubles

Women's 50 Singles

Men's 50 Singles

Mixed 50 Doubles

Women's A Doubles

Men's 60 Singles

Mixed 60 Doubles

Women's B Doubles

Men's 60 B Singles


Women's C Doubles

Men's 60 C Singles


Women's 45 Doubles

Men's 70 Singles


Women's 50 Doubles

Men's 70 C Singles


Women's 60 Doubles

Men's 75 Singles



Men's A Doubles



Men's B Doubles



Men's C Doubles



Men's 45 Doubles



Men's 50 Doubles



Men's 60 Doubles