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Guest Policies

While we enjoy having guests join us to experience Longwood and it is a nice way to introduce potential members to our community, we are a membership–based club and thus have established guest policies. Members are responsible for signing in guests and paying all appropriate fees.

When can guests play tennis at Longwood?

Guests may play tennis at Longwood once every 30 days, which is interpreted to mean once in each calendar month. Occasionally the same guest is invited by different members, so we suggest members ask their guests if they have already visited the Club in that calendar month. 

Guests may not play before 1 pm on weekends and holidays, except for out-of-town guests (i.e., those who live 50+ miles from the Club).

Does Longwood have a dress code?
Clothing should be white, but minimal colored trim or piping is acceptable. A small “pocket” logo on the upper right or left front, or on the sleeve, is acceptable. Not acceptable are swatches of color or large logos across the front, back or down the arm of the shirt, shorts, or skirt.

  • Tennis-specific, collarless shirts are acceptable. Men may not wear sleeveless shirts.
  • Clothing worn as warm-ups may be non-white only under white tennis shorts or white skirts.
  • Headbands, wristbands, and hats must be white; hats may have a logo on front.
  • Shoes must be tennis specific and predominantly white. Aggressive-play grass court shoes and waffle bottom type shoes are not acceptable.

What activities can a guest join during their once–a–month visit?

A member may invite a guest to participate in any of the following activities: 

  • Social tennis game and/or use of pool  
  • Wednesday Night Round Robin or any Wednesday night tennis 
  • Participation in a Member-Guest tournament
  • Lessons, clinics, and hitting sessions

Please note that guests cannot participate in Monday night team tennis. This event is reserved for members with the intention of creating camaraderie among our members of varying playing levels. 

Do social events count towards the once–a–month visit? 

No, social events do not count in the once–a–month calculation. Members may bring guests to non-tennis events such as the Opening and Closing Cocktail Parties, evening lectures, and other social events. If there is a charge for these events, members are responsible for their guests’ charges and for advising Kevin or Fred of the presence of these guests. 

How do members register guests? 

It is the member’s responsibility to sign in guests and to pay all fees associated with bringing guests to the Club. Registration in the Guest Register in the Pro Shop or at the Front Desk is the preferred and expected place for signing in guests. However, these additional options are offered: 

  • A member may call or send an email to Kevin or Fred on the day a guest is introduced with information about the guest.  
  • A member may seek out the Tennis Host on duty, or Fred, provide information about his/her guest and request that the guest be signed in on the member’s behalf.
  • Members and guests alike must be signed in at the pool desk upon entering the pool area.

Is there a guest fee?

Yes, the guest fee will be charged to the member's account for usage of the tennis courts or the pool. Contact Kevin Dodge for more information. 

Guest fees will be waived on Wednesday night if the tennis guest stays for the reserved dinner. The member will be responsible for registering the guest for dinner and paying the appropriate fee for dinner. The member is still responsible for signing the guest in the Guest Register.

In some years, the Board may decide to waive guest fees in fall months. Even if fees are waived, the member must still sign in the guest and the “once–in–a–month” provision still applies. 

Can inactive members bring guests? 

No. Inactive members cannot bring guests. 

What is Longwood’s electronic use policy?

Mobile phones and computer usage is restricted at the Club. Talking on a mobile device is only permitted outside the Club’s main entrance or in the parking lot. In the club, silent, non-disruptive use such as texting, emailing, reading, is acceptable if done discreetly. Photos may be taken but not in locker rooms. 

Use of electronic devices for any reason is not allowed in the Junior Locker Rooms at any time.